Rafting on Alaknanda
Rafting: Marine Drive to Rishikesh
Location: Tehri Retreat – Sursingdhar
Test your mettle and head on for the big challenge! This is a 26 Kilometer long rafting stretch with an option of cliff jumping and body surfing. It will approximately take 5 hours.
Rafting on the Ganges
Rafting: Shivpuri to Rishikesh
Location: Tehri Retreat – Sursingdhar
For all the water daredevils, choose to rebel the white waters in the rafting sprint from Shivpuri to Rishikesh. This is a 16 kilometer long rafting stretch with an option of cliff jumping and
Rafting: Bhrampuri to Rishikesh
Location: Tehri Retreat – Sursingdhar
For adventure loving families and beginners, we present rafting from Bhrampuri to Rishikesh. This is an 8 Kilometer long rafting stretch with options of cliff jumping and body surfing.
Day Hike
Half Day Treks
Location: Tehri Retreat – Sursingdhar
Enjoy a fascinating half day guided hike around GIO Stays' Tehri Retreat (New Tehri). This is one of the best ways to get familiar with the flora-fauna and the surroundings.

Full Day Treks
Location: Tehri Retreat – Sursingdhar
Blessed with picturesque mountains, Sursingdhar promises beautiful Himalayan trails. To experience the hiking pleasure at its best, we present handpicked locations
Rope Activity
Rock & Rope Activities
Location: Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
Activity the profoundly effective outdoors with a real taste of adventure! Take the ultimate test of your strength and stamina while you attempt this...
Camp Out: Onsite
Location: Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
Experience the joy of sleeping under the stars, within the safety of the lodge campus. If you've always dreamt of a little snug camp in the outdoors? Then we'll make this an experience worth cherishing.
Location: Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
Here’s giving you a plethora of sightseeing options that Tehri Retreat Sursingdhar has to offer. Experience the thrill of water activities on Tehri lake, right next to the Tehri dam, one of
Birding: (Available on Special Request)
Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
Have you always been fascinated by these wild free birds? Our birding guide will lead us into the birding zone, where you can spot and capture birds in your camera. Raising the fun
Angling in the River
Angling: Koti Colony
Location: Tehri Retreat – Sursingdhar
Practiced since time immemorial, angling to some is an art and for others it’s an experience of becoming one with nature. Angling is a method of fishing by means of an "angle"
Personalised Barbeque
Location: Tehri Retreat – Sursingdhar
If you love to cook in the outdoors and wish to try a hand at barbeque, you will love this! Experience the thrill of cooking on live fire and enjoy free style barbeque.

Day Picnics: Tehri
Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
We choose a great location and tailor a picnic specially for you. This experience is high on fun and a relaxed time in the outdoors. Enjoy a day of fun games and picnic lunch!

Half Day Cycling: Tehri View Point
Location: Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
A 16 km stretch from the lodge to Tehri view point, will offer wide vistas to explore. Cycling amidst the Kanda village, a little ahead of your trail you will find few patches of pine forest
Sunrise Walk: Tehri
Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
This is a daily ritual at Himalayan Eco Lodges. You can simply join the lodge manager to lead the way to the sunrise. With just a short hike of 5-10 minutes, get to experience the most

Sunset Walk: Tehri
Location: Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
Just like the sunrise walk, this too is a daily ritual at Himalayan Eco Lodges. Simply join the lodge manager for this walk to the sunset point (just 15-20 minutes away) .

Yoga Morning
Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
Opt for this experience, even if you are not a yoga person. Weave some Yoga in your life to deepen self awareness, catch up with your own mind, body and soul, regained vitality,
Kanda Village
Cultural Shot: Kanda Village
Location: Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
Experience the local way of living - From exploring the cultural heritage to simple lives of the natives, there couldn't be a better way to completely grasp the soul of a place.
Rope Activity
Pick a Skill: Rock & Rope Skills
Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
Is your quest for adventure beyond just having fun? Broaden your horizons with complete knowledge and the right skills with our basic instructional courses. Learn these
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