Rafting on Alaknanda
Rafting: Marine Drive to Rishikesh
Location: Tehri Retreat – Sursingdhar
Test your mettle and head on for the big challenge! This is a 26 Kilometer long rafting stretch with an option of cliff jumping and body surfing. It will approximately take 5 hours.
Rafting on the Ganges
Rafting: Shivpuri to Rishikesh
Location: Tehri Retreat – Sursingdhar
For all the water daredevils, choose to rebel the white waters in the rafting sprint from Shivpuri to Rishikesh. This is a 16 kilometer long rafting stretch with an option of cliff jumping and
Rafting: Bhrampuri to Rishikesh
Location: Tehri Retreat – Sursingdhar
For adventure loving families and beginners, we present rafting from Bhrampuri to Rishikesh. This is an 8 Kilometer long rafting stretch with options of cliff jumping and body surfing.
Day Hike
Half Day Treks
Location: Tehri Retreat – Sursingdhar
Enjoy a fascinating half day guided hike around GIO Stays' Tehri Retreat (New Tehri). This is one of the best ways to get familiar with the flora-fauna and the surroundings.

Full Day Treks
Location: Tehri Retreat – Sursingdhar
Blessed with picturesque mountains, Sursingdhar promises beautiful Himalayan trails. To experience the hiking pleasure at its best, we present handpicked locations
Rope Activity
Rock & Rope Activities
Location: Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
Activity the profoundly effective outdoors with a real taste of adventure! Take the ultimate test of your strength and stamina while you attempt this...
Camp Out: Onsite
Location: Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
Experience the joy of sleeping under the stars, within the safety of the lodge campus. If you've always dreamt of a little snug camp in the outdoors? Then we'll make this an experience worth cherishing.
Half Day Cycling: Tehri View Point
Location: Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
A 16 km stretch from the lodge to Tehri view point, will offer wide vistas to explore. Cycling amidst the Kanda village, a little ahead of your trail you will find few patches of pine forest
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