Fun Cycling: Prini Village
Location: Orchard Guesthouse - Prini (Manali)
A wholesome experience meant for amateur cyclists! Paddle around the peaceful roads of Prini village for pure rejuvenation and enjoy the pleasant aura of Manali.
Half Day Cycling
Location: Orchard Guesthouse - Prini (Manali)
If you are a cycling enthusiast and wish to paddle on the Himalayan trails, you are at the right place! Test your physical strength and agility while paddling on the picturesque trail
Full Day Cycling
Location: Orchard Guesthouse - Prini (Manali)
Exploring in and around Manali on wheels can be a dream come true for cycling wanderers! Here’s giving you a chance to explore the mountains in an eco-friendly way.
Yoga Morning
Location: Orchard Guesthouse - Prini (Manali)
Opt for this experience, even if you are not a yoga person. Weave some Yoga in your life to deepen self awareness, catch up with your own mind, body and soul, regained vitality,
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