Half Day Cycling: Tehri View Point
Location: Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
A 16 km stretch from the lodge to Tehri view point, will offer wide vistas to explore. Cycling amidst the Kanda village, a little ahead of your trail you will find few patches of pine forest
Sunrise Walk: Tehri
Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
This is a daily ritual at Himalayan Eco Lodges. You can simply join the lodge manager to lead the way to the sunrise. With just a short hike of 5-10 minutes, get to experience the most

Sunset Walk: Tehri
Location: Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
Just like the sunrise walk, this too is a daily ritual at Himalayan Eco Lodges. Simply join the lodge manager for this walk to the sunset point (just 15-20 minutes away) .

Yoga Morning
Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
Opt for this experience, even if you are not a yoga person. Weave some Yoga in your life to deepen self awareness, catch up with your own mind, body and soul, regained vitality,
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