Location: Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
Here’s giving you a plethora of sightseeing options that Tehri Retreat Sursingdhar has to offer. Experience the thrill of water activities on Tehri lake, right next to the Tehri dam, one of
Birding: (Available on Special Request)
Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
Have you always been fascinated by these wild free birds? Our birding guide will lead us into the birding zone, where you can spot and capture birds in your camera. Raising the fun
Angling in the River
Angling: Koti Colony
Location: Tehri Retreat – Sursingdhar
Practiced since time immemorial, angling to some is an art and for others it’s an experience of becoming one with nature. Angling is a method of fishing by means of an "angle"
Personalised Barbeque
Location: Tehri Retreat – Sursingdhar
If you love to cook in the outdoors and wish to try a hand at barbeque, you will love this! Experience the thrill of cooking on live fire and enjoy free style barbeque.

Day Picnics: Tehri
Tehri Retreat - Sursingdhar
We choose a great location and tailor a picnic specially for you. This experience is high on fun and a relaxed time in the outdoors. Enjoy a day of fun games and picnic lunch!

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