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NagthathCampsite, is a new feather to our cap as we get to you a splendid camping location near Chakrata. Passing through lush green landscape of step farms & amongst the stark mountains of Viraatkhai, one can trek till Nagthath campsite. Flowers galore and a view of the valley that could only be described as breath taking. The trek passes through the brilliant rhododendron forest and the entire trail lined with daisies is simply a pleasing sight for outdoor lovers. With breathtaking 360 degree views the trail ends amidst wheat and potato fields. The sun streaking through the stalks will be a sight to behold, with flecks of gold shining through. The beauty of this short trek is enough to get you going for your next step that is the camping experience.
Majkhali Woods is the latest lodge in our chain of mountain lodges and camps in the Himalayas. The setting is exceptional and sure to satisfy nature lovers and those who have an affinity for active vacations. Situated in a quaint spot in the Majkhali village, very close to Ranikhet golf course, the property is tucked inside a mixed forest with uninterrupted views on all sides.
Tehri Retreat, Sursingdhar is a perfect base for a holiday – with stunning views of the Himalayan peaks (including India’s second highest peak, Nanda Devi) and the emerald waters of the Tehri Lake coupled with the cool weather throughout the year. It does not get any better than this.

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The location of Camp High 5 is the perfect blend of accessibility and isolation with close enough rail and air nodes to get here. Ideal for a mixed group of adventure-junkies and activity-averse folks, here you can choose your own experience. It could be a mix of high –octane activities like rafting in Grade 3 rapids, jummaring, kayaking, rappelling and bridge slithering, or low-key relaxing strolls in a village or sitting by the river in an easy chair – book and chai cup in hand. For some, it’s Yoga and village walks that does the trick for complete relaxation.

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Looking down the plunging Doon valley at the Lego-like village homes in the distance might make you feel like Goliath for a second. But as soon as you turn the gaze upwards, mighty Himalayan ranges plonk you back in a David-esque place – tiny, insignificant and no match to the stalwarts. The camp-cum-lodge at Viraatkhai has been christened ‘Room on the Roof ‘as an ode to the author, Ruskin Bond, who lives in the folds of the same region. Also, here you are bound to feel like the King of peaks and crags of the mountains. If you’re an out-of-action King, that’s even better. You can just sit and relax.
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