Eco Friendly Practices

Eco Friendly Practices @ Himalayan Eco Lodges

The foundation of all our lodges  and camps is laid with a vision of eco-friendly practices.  How we communicate with our environment is as important as how we communicate with the people around us. So at Himalayan Eco Lodges we make it a point to insure smooth running of all our activities, while also maintaining our principles of Responsible Tourism towards the ecology:

  • “Leave no Trace” is a practice adopted in all our lodges. We adhere to simple practices like prohibit open fires & leave no trash behind.
  • For construction we use pre-fabricated structures, tents & eco-friendly construction material like wood and bamboo. Owing to this we have ensured a minimum impact on the environment.
  • We own small properties as mountains are not meant for mega- structures.
  • In case of revamping our properties, we hire local manpower and do not make use of land mower or JCB Machines, which pose a potential damage to the environment.

Our Motto: A Step Closer to Nature, without disturbing the Nature.

  • We offer eco-friendly & sustainable camping facilities.
  • All activities at our lodges are conducted, keeping in mind that we do not disturb nature.
  • To minimise the visitor’s impact we ensure that there is no invasion in the wildlife.
  • We educate our guests on how to Travel responsibly.
  • The food we serve at all our lodges is locally grown and has high nutritional value
  • Experiences at our lodges are a step closer to nature, only to cherish it in its natural form!
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